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Annons. När "Wow" Helt plötsligt rusar en av medlemmarna dock rakt in bland fienderna med vrålet "Leeeeroy Jenkins!".

Leeroy Jenkins!! -

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Leeroy jenkins

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In the Sixty-first episode of Epic NPC Man, a group of Players and Bodger the Blacksmith prepare for a challenging quest. All is going well until Leeroy decides to.. well..

level 1. Moderator of r/funny, speaking officially 12 days ago · Stickied comment Locked. 2015-05-12 2020-03-27 The trope is named after a World of Warcraft video that has been made famous around the net.For more information, see Leeroy Jenkins Video. "Stop being such a Leeroy" has become multiplayer jargon in the time since, and it's sometimes used as a verb "to Leeroy" meaning to act in this way. Ironically, the original staged video can be seen as sympathetic towards Leeroy in that it also mocks and "He's been waiting to do this for a long time" 1 Cast 2 Video 3 Overview 4 Trivia [*] Greg appears only in outro for this episode. In the Sixty-first episode of Epic NPC Man, a group of Players and Bodger the Blacksmith prepare for a challenging quest.
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Leeroy Jenkins is a valiant human paladin. He is always the first into battle, with or without the readiness of his forces. The character was inspired by the fan-made Leeroy Jenkins video, in which Leeroy caused a wipe by abruptly running into battle while the rest of his group was attempting to formulate a plan. What does Leeroy Jenkins mean? Leeroy Jenkins is gaming slang for a person or thing that causes everything to go wrong for everyone else, usually in some extraordinary fashion.

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That shouldn't taint the long-lasting history of "Leeroy Jenkins," but it certainly puts it in a new light. 2012-05-18 LEEROY JENKINS! Play. 0:00.

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240-Ian Is The Automotive Leeroy Jenkins And Both Of Dave's Cars

Det kan vara värt att undersöka och se vilka  Leeroy Jenkins är en spelare karaktär skapad av Ben Schulz i Blizzard Entertainment 's MMORPG World of Warcraft . Karaktären blev populär  Leeroy Jenkins commits the Metalheads to a battle that makes them traitors to the Republic and enemies of the Solarians.